#IDedchat Wondering: What if…How a simple phrase can move us forward.

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What if…

These two small words can turn a roadblock into a jumping-off point!  So many times, we find reasons why we can’t do things in our classrooms.  Many times those roadblocks happen because we are too busy, too overwhelmed, focused on standards, focused on time, etc.  Many of these things are legitimate reasons that can get in our way.  Sometimes we just need to take a step back and think…what one small thing could I try.  What if…

Check out this video from Eric Sheninger about turning “yah buts” into “what ifs:”

Turning “Yeah But” Into “What If”

What if you focused on trying just one small thing tomorrow or next week or next month?

Challenge:  Try one small thing in your classroom, or with your staff.  Share your results in the comments here, or on Twitter using the #IDedchat hashtag.


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