#IDedchat Wondering – Which Letter Do You Most Identify With?

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P – I – R – A – T – E

PIRATE – the acronym of PIRATE Leaders and PIRATE Teachers and PIRATE Educators!


This sketchnote by Monica Spillman @mspillman is found on the Lead Like a Pirate website.  Beth Houf and Shelley Burgess are the “founders” of PIRATE leading.  Lead Beyond Your Title by Nili Bartley is referred to as a PIRATE Leader’s guidebook.

So…which letter do you most identify with at this moment in your PIRATE leader journey?

P – Passion

I – Immersion

R – Rapport

A – Ask and Analyze

T – Transformation

E – Enthusiasm (and Engagement)

Challenge:  Reflect on your journey – and ask colleagues.  Share your discoveries about which letter you, and others, identify with – and share the “why” behind the letter you chose!  Share in the comments or on Twitter using the #IDedchat hashtag.

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