#IDedchat Wondering: What if change could be comfortable?

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What if change could be comfortable? I had an opportunity to meet and visit with Charles Elbot, co-author of Building an Intentional School Culture: Excellence in Academics and Character last week and was inspired to think deeply about how change could be comfortable. Elbot and Fulton offer resources that help to connect a team through leadership, partnership, engagement, and collaboration. One strategy, referenced in their book, that could help in making change comfortable, is Using The Shared Agreement Protocol. This reminded me of the Classroom Constitution that my students and I would make together at the beginning of each school year. This activity set the stage for understanding our right to learn and the expectation that we would need to adapt and compromise in order to work together in our learning. Having a shared agreement meant that everyone had a part to play in setting up our learning community, however, we recognized that we all brought different strengths and because of this learning was a personal experience.

Being a gracious change agent to help make change comfortable connects well with our #IDedchat wondering and chat from last week, along with George Couros’ blog post, “A Reminder for When Others Seem Resistant to Change. “

Change Agent

#IDedchat Challenge: Share an example of how you have been gracious when serving as a change agent. Reflect on a time when you felt comfortable, even in the midst of change. Thank you in advance for your comments or tweets that will encourage continued thinking about how to support others in the process of change.

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