#IDedchat Wondering – Can you use your “Why” to connect with others who are struggling through change?

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Last week’s #IDedchat conversation brought a wondering about “WHY.”  Most of us have read or heard about Simon Sinek’s Power of Why.  In Lead Beyond your Title, Nili Bartley talks about using your “why” to stay true to yourself.  She also talked about being sure to explain your “why” when experiencing pushback from others.  The question I posed was:  “How do you communicate your “Why” to others who struggle to understand change or innovation you are trying to implement?”

Some of the responses varied greatly – from sharing stories – to SHOWING your why – but we did have some express that sharing a why can be difficult at times.

When we know our why – and then take the time to find out someone else’s why – we can then work together to find common ground to push change forward.

Michael Johnson talks about how “Knowing Your Why gives your WHAT more impact because you are walking in or toward your purpose “- knowing the “why” and “stories” of those around you makes that even more powerful.

#IDedchat Challenge – Take time to share your why – through storytelling or story-showing AND find out the stories of those you work with.  What happens?

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