#IDedchat Noticing: Gratitude…It can color every situation!

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It is October – a time of the year that nature teaches us about “letting go.”  It is also a time of the school year where the “shiny-ness” of the new year has worn off and many of us dip into “disillusionment.” This graphic from “The New Teacher Center” is intended to show the progression for novice teachers, but I would say it applies to all educators.Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 6.26.07 PM

It is this time of the year, especially, that we have to remember that we need to be mindful of the stories we tell ourselves.  The things that we focus on have a direct effect on our mindset and thinking/filter through which we see our daily interactions/activities.  I am not saying we need to ignore or avoid having hard conversations, but we also need to practice being grateful.  As Brene Brown shares – practicing gratitude makes us joyful!  It truly changes the chemistry of our brains.

When we are in the “dip of disillusionment” we need those around us to remind us of all the things we have to be grateful for.  Many times that also involves letting go of those things that we cannot control.  Move from the “if only” to the “what if” mindset.  A great post from Angela Watson came across my feed this week where she talks about “Radical Acceptance.”  Read or listen to the podcast:  Radical Acceptance: How to deal with teaching frustrations you cannot change.

My favorite phrase in Angela’s post is this:  Here is the reality of what we’re dealing with. What thoughts, words, and actions can I choose to make the situation better? 

I would follow that up with – what am I grateful for in my current situation, and how can I build on that to make the reality of what I cannot control better?


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