#IDedchat Wondering – Which Letter Do You Most Identify With?

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P – I – R – A – T – E

PIRATE – the acronym of PIRATE Leaders and PIRATE Teachers and PIRATE Educators!


This sketchnote by Monica Spillman @mspillman is found on the Lead Like a Pirate website.  Beth Houf and Shelley Burgess are the “founders” of PIRATE leading.  Lead Beyond Your Title by Nili Bartley is referred to as a PIRATE Leader’s guidebook.

So…which letter do you most identify with at this moment in your PIRATE leader journey?

P – Passion

I – Immersion

R – Rapport

A – Ask and Analyze

T – Transformation

E – Enthusiasm (and Engagement)

Challenge:  Reflect on your journey – and ask colleagues.  Share your discoveries about which letter you, and others, identify with – and share the “why” behind the letter you chose!  Share in the comments or on Twitter using the #IDedchat hashtag.

#IDedchat Wondering: How might Ice-Breakers, Community Circles, and Team Building Connect to Learning Goals?

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Lane Walker (@LaneWalker2) inspired this week’s blog post with this tweet,
“Wondering…we do “circles” but it seems trivial Qs are causing Ss to devalue the circles. Do you think we can creatively include content in the ice? #IDedchat”
She also encouraged us to look at “@LaurenPorosoff’s ideas in, Empower Your Students, she turns the focus to values, goals, and how to get there.”

We might offer time for reflection on the processes happening or events coming up, as Dr. Dan Winkeler shared ,“If they devalue circles, they might need to be restructured (ground rules, talking stick, deeper feelings, etc.) to get students to be more vested. Open ended questions like “how are you feeling about the upcoming lab, test, quiz, quarter, etc. #IDedchat”

We could involve our students in the creation of our ice-breakers and community circles. Check out Thomas Murray’s new book (coming out in October), Personal & Authentic: Designing Learning Experiences That Impact A Lifetime! @thomasmurray announced this week on Twitter,”….So honored to partner with @gcouros & IMpress to make it happen. The book will also highlight the voices of 50+ educators with diverse backgrounds and experiences. #AuthenticEDU is coming your way…”

The following video, Make the First Day Count, relates to our #IDedchat Wondering this week and our follow-up Challenge:

#IDedchat Challenge: What if everyday started with the same dedication and excitement as Day One of the School Year? How might you create moments that connect students’ interests to learning goals each day? Please add to the comments or use #IDedchat tweets to share ideas and resources for ways to include content-rich ice-breakers that encourage students to make meaning and investigate.

#IDedchat Wondering: What if…How a simple phrase can move us forward.

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What if…

These two small words can turn a roadblock into a jumping-off point!  So many times, we find reasons why we can’t do things in our classrooms.  Many times those roadblocks happen because we are too busy, too overwhelmed, focused on standards, focused on time, etc.  Many of these things are legitimate reasons that can get in our way.  Sometimes we just need to take a step back and think…what one small thing could I try.  What if…

Check out this video from Eric Sheninger about turning “yah buts” into “what ifs:”

Turning “Yeah But” Into “What If”

What if you focused on trying just one small thing tomorrow or next week or next month?

Challenge:  Try one small thing in your classroom, or with your staff.  Share your results in the comments here, or on Twitter using the #IDedchat hashtag.


#IDedchat Fall Book Study – Lead Beyond Your Title!

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Here is the #IDedchat schedule for our book study of Lead Beyond Your Titleimages.jpeg

  • August 14 – Introduction, Ch 1 and Ch 2
  • August 21 – Chapters 3-5
  • August 28 – Chapters 6-7
  • September 4 – Chapters 8-10
  • September 11 – Chapters 11-13
  • September 18 – Chapters 14-16
  • September 25 – 17-19
  • October 2 – 20-22
  • October 9 – Sailing Beyond Your Title and Wrap Up!

Each discussion will take place during the regularly scheduled #IDedchat time:  8pm MDT.  Please be sure to invite others to join in our learning!


#IDedchat Wondering: What does daring greatly look like as a learner and leader?

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Last week’s #IDedchat included a reflection on our leadership qualities. This quote is one that has inspired many throughout the years. What stands out to you? Do you see yourself in the arena as a learner? How does this look the same or different as a leader? How might we support our students as they dare greatly in their learning?

The Man in the Arena

Challenge: Share this quote with someone and listen to their responses to our first #IDedchat Wondering. How are these responses the same or different from yours? Tweet your discoveries – or comment on this blog post.

Welcome to #IDedchat!!

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Can you believe that #IDedchat just recently had its 7th birthday?!  When #IDedchat first started, it was as a result of encouragement from Nancy Blair @blairteach and Dr. Darin Jolly @drjolly.  It began on the back patio at Janet Avery’s house in Jerome at the end of July 2012 – finding a time and day of the week was a challenge at first.  Then, Simon Miller @leadedtech introduced Janet to a tech coach who was trying to get a Boise area chat up and running. That tech coach was Marita Diffenbaugh @mdiffenbaugh.  

The purpose of #IDedchat is to provide a platform where Idaho Educators (and anyone else who wants to join the conversation) can come together to learn from and with each other.  We come together to confirm and to challenge. When we come into this space, we introduce ourselves and what our “role” in education is; however, when we are in this space – we are learners, not titles.

We love that other educators from outside Idaho join us each week – it adds perspective to our conversation and theirs.  We have always dreamed of expanding the learning experience. The first way that happened was through the founding of Edcamp Idaho!  That first edcamp was planned all through Twitter and Hangouts! The first time we were all together was when we were setting up the evening before!  What an experience that was – face to face participant-led discussions – and we just had our 6th Edcamp in June!

This blog is our next step in broadening the learning impact of our #IDedchat PLN.  Our hope is that after chats each week, we (Janet, Marita, both) will expand on a “gem” from our chat and include resources.  OR we will reach out to one of you. Ours will be called “wonderings.” Guest posts will have a different title. We are so excited to begin the next phase of this journey with all of you!